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Your trusted
technology partner

Edoceo is a Latin word meaning to teach, instruct or inform thoroughly.

Edoceo Solutions will ensure that your team is completely comfortable with the solutions provided. In the current economic environment, more companies are looking to enhance current products vs spending capital on new systems. Let Edoceo help you move forward with this endeavor.


Time and Materials as well as fixed price.


Edoceo’s team utilizes their decades of experience to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

On Time

We work closely with the client to ensure proper scope management for planning and execution.

Size Matters

When you are a smaller business, you are way more flexible and able to make the changes necessary quicker than a larger business. Think speedboat versus the Titanic – while they are still wondering if they can steer around that big block of ice, you’ve nipped past all the obstacles.

Because your service is personal, what you offer will be far more closely aligned with the needs and aspirations of your clients than those of big businesses. They are trying to appeal to a huge and diverse range of potential clients, of whom you may be the least important.

Knowing who your clients are give us an enormous advantage. We understand what they want, and know when their tastes are changing so you can quickly tailor your offering to match. Because we are closer to our customers, we can forge lasting relationships that create genuine loyalty and keep people coming back.

We are driven by values

The Why:

  • Empower people to build a better future for the next generation.

The Hows:

  • Do the right thing. Always.
  • Lead by example.
  • Bring out the best in everyone.
  • Do it all in the spirit of Edoceo.

The Whats:

  • Identify & invest in growth & diversification.
  • Delight our customers.
  • Honor our commitments.
  • Develop & incorporate new technology.